Wine Antiques & Collectibles

by Donald A. Bull & Joseph C. Paradi

Wine Antiques & Collectibles features:

  • 336 oversize (9" x 12") pages
  • Hardcover
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • 2159+ color and b/w images
  • Value Guide
  • July 2013
  • $79.99

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Over 2100 vibrant photos and lively text present an exciting array of wine memorabilia. Following a look at wine and health, with a toast to readers and a look at Bacchanalia, the book takes a four part journey from the vineyard to the wine cellar. Part one looks at various tools used in growing grapes, harvesting, and the production of wine. Tools used by coopers in barrel making, wine sampling and tasting devices, and bottling tools are covered. The next step is "Drinking Wine," in which many implements for removing corks, retrieving corks, and preserving wine are revealed. Serving devices include an extraordinary batch of cradles and caddies. In part three, promotional items revealed include statues, games, fans, tokens, signs, and office accessories. The last part is a look at a fabulous collection of wine antiques from a museum in Spain. The final step is into an 1810 wine cellar with a list of "The Necessaries always wanted in Wine and Spirit Vaults, and Gentlemen’s Cellars."

Here are photo counts you will find in this very large book:

To Your Health 9
Bacchanalia 34
Part 1 Producing Wine  
The Vineyard 28
The Harvest 41
Pruning & Harvest Tools 51
Wine Production 55
Cooperage 83
Cellar Tools 44
Bin Labels 25
Boring Tools 30
Wine Sampling 33
Cork Presses 43
Corkers 131
Wine Tasters 55
Barrel Taps 91
Part 2 Drinking Wine  
Corkscrew Elegance 66
Advertising Knives & Corkscrews 62
Bottle Stoppers 62
Cork Retrievers 33
Vessels 17
Drinking & Dining 48
Cradles & Caddies 79
Decanting Wine 33
Decanter Labels 24
Funnels 60
Coasters 36
Carafes & Pitchers 20
Part 3 Promoting Wine  
Bottle Safes 26
Bottles & Jugs 66
California Wine Industry 69
Exonumia 33
Fans 40
Games 23
Labels 83
Music 36
Office Accessories 36
Paintings, Prints & Posters 47
Postcards 40
Scissors 27
Signs 39
Statuary 35
The Cellar 36
Tobacco 29
Trade Cards 34
Wine Lists 31
Just a Few More 57
Part 4 Miscellany  
Museums 57
Cellar Necessaries 2
Recommended Reading 6
Index 2

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