Syroco Corkscrew Inspirations?

Here are four corkscrews which have been offered as "bone carvings" in sales. The worms are attached to heads and protected by the body sheath. Take a close look at front, back and side views:

Front view. They range from 4 1/2" to 4 3/4" tall.

Side view. Note the seams just above the shoe leather.

Back view. Note the detailed curly hair.

Bottom view. Each of these figures is marked with the word "Syroco."

"Syroco" imprint on the bottom of the top hat man.

"Syroco" imprint on the bottom of the other three.

Were these figures made by Syroco or were they inspired by the Syroco Old Codger / Top Hat man figure? Here's a view of the Syroco label found on Old Codger:

Compare the figure to the Syroco composition Old Codger:

All four figures came from an estate in England. It is doubtful that they are genuine Syroco creations. It certainly seems likely, however, that the producer was inspired by the Syroco (Syracuse Ornamental Company) Old Codger. Each is quite detailed and made in four parts.

The center of the bottom (sheath) is hollow out and the "shoes" on the three big nose figures are slices of material which have been fastened by very small pegs. The Old Codger has a plug in the base with the Syroco name.

The head is in two pieces. Again it is hollow and a plug has been inserted in the top. The worm (a fifth piece) is then inserted into the neck and affixed with a peg. The necks fit snugly in the body and are just large enough for a slight snap into place when fully inserted.

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