Pig Tales

These five pigs with corkscrew tails are Howard Ross's American design patent #D-154,880 of August 16, 1949. They are made of a composition material and stand 2" tall. The snout is a bottle cap lifter.

I have Cap'n Corky in black, cream, green, red, and yellow. I have also seen it in blue (got one??? - I want to trade for it or buy it - email:corkscrew@bullworks.net).

And what other colors does it come in? Pink? Muddy Brown? Anyone have any literature, advertisements, or other information on the Ross pig?

The Ross pig was packaged and sold as "Cap'n Corky." The bottom of the box is marked "Product of Howard L. Ross Associates New York, N.Y."

Can you find all the pigs sunning themselves here?

  • Two French carved wood pigs
  • Standing pig by Negbaur of New York
  • Pig's behind by Colonial Crafts
  • 1933 Pearson Page registered designs
  • Iron pig by Hugo Berger, Germany
  • Plated pigs
  • Bejeweled pig
  • Hungarian pig marked BUEK

Pat Betzhold (Manitoufs@aol.com) writes: Just got finished reading your corkscrew pig story. I wanted to tell you about my Ross pig (red). My husband and I have searched the local swap meets looking for corkscrews. Every month I would see this red pig and thought what a dumb looking pig...they wanted 10.00 for it and I thought, "no way!" Well, one time my husband was taking one route, me the other, he found the pig (it had sat there for months) and bought it (for ten dollars). Gave it to me and I said, "So you bought it, I have passed it up for over a couple of months now, thinking it was dumb". But for ten dollars what the heck...anyway, I was looking at your book and saw my pig....all of a sudden it wasn't so dumb, gee, other people have them...and at least now I know what it is called. If I ever come across a blue one, I'll let you know!

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