Opener Packaging

In Just for Openers and Soda Advertising Openers, Don Bull and John Stanley have included a number of opener types in original packaging. Bull is currently working on Boxes Full of Corkscrews and has photographed over 500 corkscrews in original packaging for this book. In the process, he ran across a number of openers in original packaging without beer or soda advertising and, therefore, they were not included in the Bull-Stanley books.

The "Tite-Fit" counter display has an opener / resealer that is similar to type N-10 patented in 1919. The openers are marked "Modern Metal Prods. Co., Cambridge, Mass."

The "Locktite" Bottle Stopper and Opener manufactured by Vaughan Chicago is type N-9 and has been found with beer and soda advertising. The Three Feathers Bottle Stopper and Opener is the same but it was private labeled for a New York City distributing company.

The "Handy" Tool priced at 50 cents is a combination bottle opener, knife sharpener and glass cutter.

Box copy includes "Boy Scouts find the bottle opener very handy and the tool may be used as a screw driver if none better is at hand."

The "Rex" 4 in 1 combination tool has the same person pictured as the "Handy." It is a sharpener, bottle opener, and glass cutter. The "4 in 1" evidently is because of the addition of "Scissors" to the sharpener reference.

The "Apex" combination glass cutter "cuts faster than a diamond" and "lasts for years."

"5 Star Handy Tool" cuts glass like diamond and will last a lifttime. The fifth element added here is "Lawn Mower sharpener." This one costs a whopping $2.50.

The "Improved Peerless" is a combined knife & scissors sharpener, can opener, glass cutter, and bottle opener. It is a product from Peerless Tool Co., 543 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

The tool is marked "U. S. Pat. Pend., Improved Peerless, Austria."

Stewart Product's "E Z Lift" cap-lifter has a conventional cap lifter and a spring loaded tool for removing lids of tins and bottles.

Directions are stamped on the opener itself: "1. Insert tip in space between cap and jar. 2. Push forward lightly and squeeze to remove top."

"Handy Henri" is from Holt Howard Associates, New York City. With this handy tool, you can open your bottle of beer then open your sardine can and serve up the contents.

The "Gas Hopper" is a 1979 copyright by Trileen Mfg. Co., Lexington, Virginia. The 5 in 1 tool is a gas nozzle holder, key chain, can opener, bottle opener, and screw driver.

"The Bar Duzzit" was made in Sheffield, England for the Silvercraft Company.

The tool can be used for cutting oranges and lemons, picking up olives, chopping ice, and opening bottles.


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