Bull - Daniel Trade

October 1999

Here's what Daniel got from Bull.

An English silver corkscrew with onion fluted caps, square shank and fluted worm. 1890 Birmingham hallmark.

Silver Corkscrew

Here's what Bull got from Daniel.

Left: Knife marked J. A. HENCKELS with twins logo on handle. Has corkscrew, master blade, pen blade and foil cutter. Grapes and vines decorations on side shown.

Top right: Unusual shape champagne knife marked REIMER SOLINGEN. Advertises "Chazelles Lothringen Reims Champagne / Champagne C. Plusquin & Cie."

Bottom right: Thick (5/8") unmarked decorative knife. Initials A J H engraved on reverse.

Three knives

The three knives opened. The 3" knife on the right depicts the same girl shown on the 4" knife Bull got in Philadelphia in September.

Three knives open

The trade was completed October 15, 1999! What do you think? Email your opinion to corkscrew@bullworks.net. Refer to DANIELBULL TRADE IV and indicate A, B or C.

Send comments if you like. Results and comments will be posted soon.

  • A. Daniel took advantage of Bull
  • B. Bull took advantage of Daniel
  • C. It is an even trade


A. Daniel Advantage
B. Bull Advantage
C. Even Trade
John Stanley


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