Corkscrews for Golfers

  • The corkscrew for the golfer most commonly seen is the ball second from the left. This direct pull corkscrew comes in a set with the cap lifter club to its left. Both pieces are marked JAPAN.
  • The golf ball with frame is marked MADE IN ENGLAND on the ball.
  • The third golf ball comes complete with built in tees!
  • The next club has a folding worm on the base with a cap lifter at the top.
  • The cap lifter putter has a protective hard plastic sheath for the worm.
  • At bottom is the best quality piece of this novelty lot. It is marked WEST-GERMANY.
  • The golf bag is marked on the bottom STERLING 19, PAT APD FOR with R B Co. logo of R. Blackinton & Co., of Attleboro, Massachusetts. Blackinton was acquired by Wells, Inc., Attleboro in 1967. This bag is engraved "Hook and Slice Club, August 9, 1928, Second Net."
  • The wine funnel with corkscrew is also by Blackinton and it pictures of golfer ready to putt on the green.
  • On the right is a modern peg & worm with golf ball top on the peg.
This very unusual double lever weighs in at a hefty 1 1/4 pounds. Turn the ball to thread the worm into the cork and raise the clubs. Once the worm is inserted, lower the clubs to extract the cork. It is well made, silver plated and unmarked.
The complete "19th Hole Caddy" sets includes golf bag with measuring cup, bottle opener, corkscrew, eight golf clubs and a 'Pour Card" which contains 18 drink recipes. The drink recipes have such names as Sod Car, Greens Lady, Divot Sling, Partini and Swinger. The cap lifter folds over a plastic recess which houses the worm. The clubs are used as swizzle sticks. The bag is often seen in red and seldom seen in green. Some are marked EPP, 225 5TH AVE. N.Y. CITY PAT APP FOR.
This 7 1/2" high trophy would be the pride of any golfer. The golfer lifts off the base to expose the opener which unthreads for the corkscrew. The base has not been engraved. An Italian collector has one engraved with "Trenton Country Club 1928, F. Richard Cass."


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©1997 Donald A. Bull