Boxes Full of Corkscrews

Those of you who have been on my email list for several years know of my ever present request "Send boxes full of corkscrews." At last - two boxes showed up at the Virtual Corkscrew Museum.

When I opened a box, I found this note:

To Mr. Doneld A. Bull:

Plezea forgivea me for nota send you bockes of corcskrews before. Yew aska maannie maannie maannie tymes for we to send yew thees bockes, and i havea been finding thees beeutiful thengs for a longa tyme jest for seding yew. They are very best I kan find whair I live. Nota so maannie corcskrews heer. I hope yew likea them very much and maybe yew can show thema in your nexta biga book and bee very happie. I not wan yew to say whair yew got them, or how much they should cost.

I have maannie maannie more bockes of corcsckrews I be sending to yew. They alla be yours for no lyra.

Besta wishes

P. S. I kan not senda bockes to virgenia from whair I live. I send to a frend who for me senda them to yew.

There was no return address in the box but there was a Van Nuys, California postmark. We put our crack Museum research staff to work piecing together shredded paper used in the packaging. After several hours, the staff came up with a partial name from a shredded check: ".....ack Band...." So the contributor is still an anonymous mystery person. We hope the person will accept our gratitude through this page.

Clues from shredded paper.

Digging through the box brought surprise after surprise.

Top row:

  • A "Sharper's" product from Hong Kong. Wow!
  • A "3 piece Bar Set" from we don't know where. Gosh!
  • A Picnic Corkscrew from Franmara, Woodland Hills, California. Golly!
  • A trio of Mini Corkscrews from Hong Kong. Holy Cow!

Bottom row:

  • Anchors Aweigh!
  • Plastic Double Lever from far away China.
  • A Waiter's Friend from M. E. Heuck Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. The packaging depicts a rare bottle of Chianti!
  • An EKCO waiter's corkscrew - chrome plated!
  • A pair of "Hi-Impact Plastic" corkscrews from Hong Kong.
  • A "Metal Chrome Plated" corkscrew from Hong Kong. The packaging depicts Australian wine. Koalabunga!

Gifts from a mystery donor

Mixed in the shredded paper were more surprises!

Top row: Sheathless screwless extractors and a variety of unprotected worms.

Bottom row: Springless frame, cutterless multi-tool, lonely dog, missing man, and an unpackaged "Metal Chrome Plated" corkscrew from Hong Kong.

More gifts from the anonymous donor

Thank you for your donation, mystery person. Don't forget to note your donation on your income tax.

You too can send boxes full of corkscrews to The Virtual Corkscrew Museum. Here's the address....................

The Virtual Corkscrew Museum
c/o Donald A. Bull
P. O. Box 596
Wirtz, VA 24184, U.S.A.

After this page was posted, I received an email from Jack Bandy. Go see his feeble attempt to dispell any thoughts that "...ack Band..." might be him!


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