Blanke's Coffee

The top knife advertises "Blanke's Coffee -Faust Blend & Grant Cabin Tea." The bottom on reads "Blanke's Coffee - Faust Blend & Exposition Brand."

Both knives are from the C. F. Blanke Tea & Coffee Co. of St. Louis. The blades are marked C. F. BLANKE TEA & COFFEE CO., GERMANY. Both have stanhopes with the enamelled example having a picture of a man on horseback.

This is an knife sharpening stone advertising the Blanke Co. Blanke was the coffee of the 1904 World's Fair - thus the "Exposition Brand."

Faust was a well known name in St. Louis, not only for the coffee but for the Faust brand beer brewed by Aneheuser-Busch and for the well know Faust family. Tony Faust was the owner of the St. Louis Oyster House and Restaurant.


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