Searching for Miss Chopsticks

Alf Erickson is trying to find Miss Chopsticks to model for his new corkscrew balloon. He snapped her picture in Taipei and made his WANTED poster. After making several copies, I went on a hunt for Miss Chopsticks.

While driving through the wilds of Virginia and North Carolina, there was plenty of time for reflection and I kept thinking about where I had seen that face before. While screeching to a stop at a railroad crossing, a vision of Miss Fu came to me. I had met her in Taipei in 1979 and when I returned home, I rooted through my old slides and finally found the photo. Could this Miss Fu be the mother of the girl Alf first discovered in Taipei in February 2000?

I stared the Feburary 2000 pictures in amazement for it suddenly occured to me that I might know the father of Miss Chopsticks. Here is the evidence:

Note that both Miss Chopsticks ear and my ear are located on the side of the head.

Our noses both have nostrils. And look how close the skin pigmentation matches!

Our eyes have lids and pupils.

Mouths are exactly the same.

Chins are a perfect match.

Help Alf in his quest to find Miss Chopsticks.