Corkscrew Stories

Volume 1 and Volume 2

by Donald A. Bull

Corkscrew Stories, Volume 1 features:

  • 254 (8 1/2" x 11") pages
  • 129 Stories
  • 689 Pictures
  • Published 2004

Corkscrew Stories, Volume 2 features:

  • 256 (8 1/2" x 11") pages
  • 125 Stories
  • 600 Pictures
  • Published 2004

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Every corkscrew has a story behind it. In these book you'll find 254 of those stories. Some tell about those "ingenious modifications" in the words of the inventors and in others we learn the background behind the advertising on corkscrews. There are a lot of corkscrews that relate to specific events or dates and these have been melded together. There are collections of types of corkscrews - golfing related, elephants, and more.

Then there are those fun personal stories about corkscrew finds (and losses) such as Kenn Cameron's huge Walker corkscrew, Albert Beliard's first screw, and Reinhold Berndt's found and loss prong puller.

Some of the stories originally appeared on the Internet in The Daily Screw and in The Virtual Corkscrew Museum. A reader asked me "I know the website will not last forever, so why not preserve these stories in book form? How about something I can pick up and just leaf to an interesting story anywhere, anytime?" I thought "Aha, a Corkscrew Bathroom Reader!"

So I set out to expand some of the stories with additional information I had gathered since their original publication. Some of the stories I deep-sixed while others were expanded. I approached the project with great enthusiasm and, as I looked at corkscrews and the piles of information surrounding my desk, I came up with even more stories. After several months, I ended up with about 500 pages of stories. My reader would now have plenty to choose from. They may not all be his cup of tea but, hey, they were ready to be preserved in print form.

Here's what Joe Paradi has to say about Corkscrew Stories in the foreword to the book:

About 25 years ago I started collecting corkscrews. Needless to say, much has changed since. The one thing in the late 1970's that held back collectors was the lack of written material - books, articles and stories. Avid collectors pursued their twisted hobby more or less in a vacuum of information. The first book appeared by Watney & Babbidge, a well written textbook like effort. As time passed, we were treated to patent collections, general information books, price guides, coffee table books and pocket versions just to name a few. But these all really addressed the technical or historical aspect of corkscrew collecting, very few stories were regaled about who made things, who found them, who used them and for what purpose.

And then came the Internet and with it corkscrew websites where presenting stories were easy and everyone could "publish" his favourite corkscrew tale. Among the earliest, and by far the largest, website on corkscrews is authored by Don Bull. Don is a prolific book publisher also with about a half dozen to his credit. However, the really monumental effort from Don was The Daily Screw, an Internet newspaper published every day for over a year. Collectors were glued to their browsers to see what new story Don has come up with each morning. Unquestionably, collecting, writing and publishing these articles was a significant effort truly appreciated by his many readers.

This book is the result of the work Don had done on The Daily Screw. Many of the stories he published on the web see print here. As I read through this pre-publication copy he gave me when I recently visited him, it became clear to me that this project is really different from all the other publishing efforts. This book will appeal to all readers, not just "corkscrew experts" because the material is presented in short stories that people enjoy without the need for being experts. Don has polished the on-line articles and added many more. It is truly a delight to read this collection of short corkscrew stories, if you do, you will be entertained while learning much.

So curl up with this book and enjoy the "tales" about the corkscrew that most people see strictly as a kitchen tool. For those of us who love these twisted objects, this book adds much to our enjoyment.

Table of Contents - Volume 1
A Prize in Every Box
A Slow Day
Adults Only
Altar Wine
Alvin Hotel
An Incredible Find
...and sew on
Andy Capp & Flo
Apollinaris / Apenta
At the Movies
Augers, Bits, and Corkscrews
Austin Corbin Corkscrew
Back Scratchers
Bar Bar Bar
The Bar Mart
Barbara Fritchie House
Bar Sets
Barbershop Quartet
Beau Brummel
Bidwell's Corkscrew
Biltmore Hotel
Bird’s Custard
Black & White Scotch
Blanke's Coffee
Boot Jack Tobacco
Born with a Silver Spoon
Boxes Full of Sea Lions
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Brownbilt Shoes
Buddy Knife
Bugs Bunny
Bury the Corkscrew
Calmare Nyckel Key
The Camper's Knife
Can of Worms
Canada Day
Chase Knife
Chasing Cherubs
Chocolate Molds
Cigarette Case
Clovelly Donkeys
Columbus Day
Connect the Corkscrews
Conworth Obituary Corkscrew
Cork Removers from Uruguay
Cork Yankers
Corkscrew Does it All
Corkscrew Matchbooks
Corkscrew Sign
Corkscrew Stamps
Corkscrew Tree
Crime and Punishment
Cusenier Inventeur
Desperate for a Corkscrew?
Drink Master
Double Lever Woman
Dr. Fridjof Nansen
Eaton Company
Elephant Appreciation Day
Elephant on Parade
Elton Hotel
Ephraim Thorpe
ER visit is nothing to crow about
Erickson’s Mothers Bread
E-Z Cork Puller
Father of the Waiter's Friend
Filter Tip Cigarettes
Flag Day
For Corks of All Sizes
For Gourmets
For Pockets and Picnics
Found and Lost
Game Room
Games People Play
Genuine Korn
German Corkscrew Knives c.1900-1920
German Hammer
German Kali Works
Get a Grip
Getting Strait
George R. E. Gilchrist
Glen Garry Jugs
Golden Corkscrew Hotel
Gone Fishin'
Guiding Girls
Hand me that Penguin
Handbook of Wine
Happy Mother's Day
Havell's Improvement
Heeley Rules the Empire
Heeley Resurrected
Heinz Hohn’s Dreko
Helping Hands
Hiering Goes Over the Top
Ho Hum
Hollweg Knife
Hotel Ansley
Hotel Multomah
Hotel Operator's Delight
Hotel Operator’s Delight 2
Hotel Plymouth
Hotel Vendome
How do you spell Vallandingham?
Icelandic Phallological Museum
If You Knew Suze
In the Slammer
Inspiration for Art
Inventions for Easier Living
Inventors of Soda Water
Is Pepsi OK?
It Can Open Cans
It's a Corker!
Jackson's Knife
Jean Jaures
Jezzine Ware
Kalinkin Brewery
Table of Contents - Volume 2
Kentucky Derby
Key to the city of Plovdiv
Kid McCoy
Knife Eraser
The Lawrence Tap
Legs with Matching Knives
Lionel Street Activity
Magic Prongs
Manitou Mineral Water
Marriage Place of Ramona
Massachusetts Consistory
McLean's Patent
Mechanic's Dreams
Medical Corkscrew
Mighty Sword
Monopol Rockets
Mr. Bartender
My Cup Runneth
My First Screw
Myers’ Registered Design
National Arbor Day
National Cow Day
Natural Bridge
The New Way
Norwegian Independence
Old Crow
Old Snifter
Our Man Flint
Over the Top
Peculiar Construction
Penn-Harris Hotel
Perfect Cork Extractor?
Perky Porky
Peters - Sprague Corkscrew
Pitching Horseshoes
Poker - It's Your Deal
Pommery & Greno
Pracht Korkenzieher
Prong Puller Advertising
Prongs - Reinhold Berndt's Collection
Queen Elizabeth II
Rainbow Corkscrew Spinner
Record eBay Corkscrew Sale
Red Devil
Rena Rosenthal
Richman Brothers
Rubinoff / DeGroat Corkscrew
Sailor Man
St. Davids Golf Club
St. Paul’s Church
St. Raphael
Sandheger Knives
Sardine Can Opener
Frank Schoonmaker
Self Puller
Send in the Clowns
Smokey the Bear
Sneaky Pete
So What's New?
Societa del Tirabuscion
Something Fishy
Sommer's Designs
South African Corkscrew Patent
Spanish "Owl" Patents
Spanish Prong Puller Patents
Spiers and Pond
Spring Forward
Steak Joint Korker
Strong’s 50th
Surgical Tools
Swede's Tool
Sweet Jenny Jones
Take Your Meds
Then and Now
Tongues vs Prongs
Unique U-Neek
Van Zelm’s Funnel
Vaughan Novelty Mfg. Co.
Vaughan's Quick & Easy
Virtually Reunited
W. C. Fields
Walker's New Blade
Washing Up
What Cheer
White & Winkler
Who are these people?
Who Invented the Crown Cap Lifter?
Why Wyler?
Williamson's Patent
Wolfe’s Schnapps
Woodman's Patent
World's Fair Key
Yankee Ingenuity
Yokes on Walker
Zenobia Los Angeles 1906

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