So you sold your house on Smith Mountain Lake and you built a beautiful new home at Park Place on Smith Mountain Lake. Now it's moving time. And NOW is the time to call Marge. Check our low rates for moving you on the lake.

With Marge's Barges there's no need to load your belongings in a big van and have everything jostled about while driving about the country roads. Marge has two modern smooth-sailing barges to serve you and to ensure everything arrives in tip-top condition.

Marge is for the normal size household. We have plenty of room to pile your furniture high for one easy sail to your new home (provided we don't have to go under Halesford Bridge). We will even bring you along for the ride if you like.

Marge II can easily handle the contents of that extra large home. If your neighbors are moving too - we can do it all together.

Our packers have weeks of experience packing even the most delicate items. Don't worry about a thing - they will treat everything as if it were their own.

We crate all of your fragile items for safe arrival.

Call Marge today and tell your neighbors "We're Moving!"

Are you looking for a great investment?

franchises will soon be available on lakes throughout the world.

Let me know if you are interested in this ground floor opportunity.

Donald A. Bull, Bargemaster

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Disclaimer: Any resemblance of anything on this webpage to other known symbols or ideas is purely coincidental. Investors must be of sound mind and understand that this whole offering may be a hoax.

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