The Heavenly Globe of Tears

A once in a lifetime offering from Donald Bull and Donald Morway

This is the perfect way to honor and cherish the ashes of your departed loved one. Safeguard their precious ashes in our Heavenly Globe of Tears. Your loved one will always be near you, on the fireplace mantel or on a side table next to their favorite lounge chair. Within easy reach, you can tumble and caress their eternal shrine during those moments of loneliness and heartache. The ashes of your loved one will come alive with your caress and freely float joyfully within their personal globe of heavenly tears.

Model Selection

Each model contains a photograph of your loved one

  • The Standard: Black plastic base
  • The Patriot: Red, white and blue trimmed plastic base
  • The Guardian: Polished brass trimmed black plastic base
  • The Royal: Polished gold trimmed black plastic base
  • The Majestic: Polished gold and silver trimmed plastic base
  • The Amazing Grace: Polished platinum with gold trimmed plastic base

Size Selection

  • The Intimate: 3 inch diam. globe; 6.4 fluid oz. capacity
  • The Sepulcher: 4 inch diam. globe; 10 fluid oz. capacity
  • The Grand: 5 inch diam. globe; 750 ml capacity
  • The Magnum: 6 inch diam. globe; 1.5 L capacity
  • The Double Magnum: 8 inch diam. globe; 3 L capacity
  • The Colossal: 9 inch diam. globe; 4 L capacity
  • The Titanic: 12 inch diam. globe; 6 L capacity

Optional Plastic Globe Base Colors

  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Platinum
  • Holy Night Black
  • Sunset Red
  • Angel White
  • Starmist White
  • Heavenly Blue
  • Pastoral Green
  • Polished Brass

Optional Wood Memorial Globe Stand

  • Polished Walnut
  • Polished Rosewood
  • Marbleized Black Ebony
  • Polished Marble Stone*

*Choose: Black & White, Green & Black, Tan & Green or Peach & Tan

Optional Special Globe Theme Subjects

  • The Scholar
  • The Fisherman
  • The Sailor
  • The Soldier
  • The Angel Baby
  • Pet Dog
  • Pet Cat
  • Pet Bird
  • Pet Horse
  • Race Car Driver
  • The Doctor
  • The Lawyer
  • The Farmer
  • Your Request?

*Choose: Black & White, Green & Black, Tan & Green or Peach & Tan

Special Extra Cost Order Features

Don Bull Don Morway

Don Bull (left) and Don Morway (Right)*

We are pleased to announce that we are now franchising our Remembrances products including:

  • Snowglobing
  • Hourglassing
  • Corkscrewing
  • Leathering

Click here for product previews

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Disclaimer: Any resemblance of anything on this webpage to other known symbols or ideas is purely coincidental. Investors must be of sound mind and understand that this whole offering may be a hoax.

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