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Are you tired of those old style, over-the hill fragrance candles? The candles with phony names like Blueberry Blues, Vanilla Surprise, Chocolate Fudge sound nice but what do they really do? They just give your rooms those unnatural odors that linger forever.

Trademark sm is pleased to present it's alternative candle lines. Here are a few of our current real aromas for real life:

Fragrant Foods Candles:

Lucious Lobster - When you can only afford crab, light this and you'll think you're eating lobster

Savory Steak - For those evenings when you're having plain old hamburgers

Lively Liver - When you need to remember why you don't eat it

...and don't forget Variegated Vegetables, Cool Clams, and Purrfect Pork

Nascar Series Candles:

Burning Rubber - You'll feel like your in the stands of your favorite track

Foul Fumes - When you want to be in the pits

Flaming Fuel - Total excitement

Business Scents:

McDonald's Fries - For the Hamburger joint that wants to sell more of its fries

Buttered Popcorn - Every video stores needs this candle

Lavish Leather - For the auto showroom

Bad Company Candles:

Airline Restroom - Guest staying too long - put this in the guest bathroom

Mildew Must - Light it next to the guests' bed

Candlelight memories:

Purloined Passion - Memories are made of this

Cigarette Smoke - Let's you remember the comfort of after

Full Bodied Beer - So you had to quit and join AA

Trademark sm motto is: Doesn't it makes sense to buy good scents?

Lighted Candle

Are you looking for a great investment?

Trademark sm franchises will soon be available nationwide.

Let me know if you are interested in this ground floor opportunity.

Donald A. Bull, Scentmaster


The fine print: Kelic dleeka leekkeldic allad elldiiiideeld wlaqoecocp eox. Qwye you will be screwed aleoc. Eidow xox oalcoie eicgehwk hakemke. Ulecale cleoacl ealco lpqembn cm cmei ciicic. Wciej ckeuzke and lose all of your money. Tealeoc eladlco elea you will be bankrupt cnbmzlx xoxw. Hqoe cocclleal coclexp qwc, eaile aleocea htyepc apielc. Nocle cle and probably you'll lose your home too wicle. Hjeje lecocke aloel.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance of anything on this webpage to other known symbols or ideas is purely coincidental. Investors must be of sound mind and understand that this whole offering may be a hoax.

©2000 Donald A. Bull