Do you remember this part of the disappearing American Landscape? Yes, the drive-in theater has had to make way for shopping centers and condominium complexes.

Today, we offer the best alternative -


At last, you will have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor movies in comforts familiar to you - your own boat. We at Trademark Small have purchased a lot at the dead end of a cove where our giant screen will be erected. There will be plenty of room for watercraft of all sorts to view first run movies from their anchorage. Whether you are sailing, motoring, rowing, or paddling you invited to join in the fun.


The first Trademark Small is scheduled to open in the summer of 2001 in the peaceful cove on the Roanoke River arm of Smith Mountain Lake.

So get ready for the best entertainment Smith Mountain Lake will have to offer. Before entering the cove, just purchase your ticket at the buoy where you see the Trademark Small sign. And on your way don't forget to stop at Wavmart logo for Koka-Kolas, Jujubes, and Popcorn.


Are you looking for a great investment?

Trademark Small franchises will soon be available on waterways throughout America.

Let me know if you are interested in this ground floor opportunity.

Donald A. Bull, Filmmaster

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Disclaimer: Any resemblance of anything on this webpage to other known symbols or ideas is purely coincidental. Investors must be of sound mind and understand that this whole offering may be a hoax.

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