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If you are a flower frog collector, please make a web page and send me the address!

E-Mail: ffg@bullworks.net

Flower Frog Collectors

FroggieB's Flower Frogs. Marcia Bradley's flower frog page shows her collection and how she displays it.

Flower Frogs and other Favorites. Mary Beth Mobley's Flower Frog website.

Polly and her Ladies. Don't miss this site created for "Mom" by her children for Mother's Day '98. They hope to put up about 100 images. Polly would love to hear comments about her collection. Drop her a line when you stop by to visit her ladies.

General for Sale

AAAC (Always Available Antiques and Collectibles) Robin and Mike McCann, often have an assortment of glass flower frogs for sale as well as many other glass items.

Dorothy Biddle Service If you like to garden and arrange flowers you'll enjoy learning about what is currently available. This company sells it all, hairpin, mesh, and pin flower holders, marbles, foam and more. Unfortunately the DBS site link listed above no longer sells retail, BUT DBS HAS NOW CREATED A SITE FOR RETAIL BUYERS-- .http://www.dbsretail.com/.

Kinsman Company This gardening supply company sells a variety of flower arranging aids such as perfect arrangers and brass pin holders

Garden Shop Online sells flower frogs under the category "Arranging and Preserving." They are currently selling a Czech Republic 4" glass round, the Blossom Crown flower arranger, the Blue Ribbon hairpin flower holder, and some pin holders. Jan. 2010.

Stone Lantern This online company focuses on Bonsai and Ikebana and sell a large variety of kenzans on their website at http://www.stonelantern.com/ikebanakenzans1.html (I'm often asked where this type of item can be purchased)


1st. Glass This website, maintained by Tony Hayter of England, features his sales on eBay, recommended books on glass, a Glass Photo Gallery with a section on Flower Frogs, information on vaseline glass, and useful glass links.

Angela Bowey's Online Glass Museum Everything you ever wanted to know about glass and then some. Links galore.

Black-Poppy.co.uk A Pictorial Collection of Art Deco Glass. This site features many flower frogs listed by manufacturer.

CloudGlass.com A very in depth site all about cloud glass. Check out the flower blocks and frogs listed under "Catalogue of Davidson Cloud Glass."

Fenton Art Glass Company

A. H. Heisey & Co. Get your Heisey links here.

The National Cambridge Collectors Website Check oiut their articles and don't miss these photosof Cambridge flower frogs: http://www.cambridgeglass.org/memberphotos/picfrogs.php , and http://glasstreasurechest.com/ncc_flower_frogs/wildflowerfrogsHome1.htm

Our House Antiques David Adams at Our House Antiques usually has a variety of Cambridge figural flower frogs for sale. He also has an informational page on American Figural Flower Frogs. Check out his links at the bottom of his main page.

Viking Art Glass Lots of information here. Be sure to take a look.


David Negley's Frankart Gallery From time to time David has some beautiful Frankart (and Nuart) flower Frogs for sale. If you like Deco you'll love looking at the items on this site.


American Art Pottery Association This site contains a wealth of information on pottery and has many links to other pottery sites of interest to the collector, as well as information on how to join the association.

Cowan Pottery Museum Associates This site contains information about Cowan Pottery, the Cowan Pottery Museum, and the Associates. Of special interest is the Cowan Pottery Photo Gallery which includes a section on flower frogs.

Naughties, Nudies, and Bathing Beauties. If you have an interest in these ladies be sure to visit this website hosted by Sharon Hope Weintraub. Sharon has a book on the subject by the same name. The book only features one flower frog, but contains lots of information about the development and manufacturing of these ladies.

Red Wing Collectors Society

Van Briggle Pottery. This site features VB pottery for sale and a link to Van Briggle Collectors Society.

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